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WYSA & EmergeOrtho Form New Partnership

By WYSA Staff, 07/21/19, 11:30PM EDT


WYSA is very proud to announce the new partnership with EmergeOrtho for the Explosion Cup.  Dr. Robert Satterfield of EmergeOrtho said of the partnership with WYSA, “EmergeOrtho is proud to be a Sponsor for the WYSA Explosion Cup. We will also provide basic athletic/medical care for the players and staff and spectators during the event with Certified Athletic Trainers and a medical tent on site. We are proud to be involved with this tournament and proud to be part of the team!”


EmergeOrtho describes their Wilson services online with the following: “Our EmergeOrtho clinic located in Wilson, North Carolina, is home to the region’s only open MRI. This medical technology allows for our team of physicians to analyze comprehensive MRI images, while patients can relax without feeling confined or claustrophobic like with a traditional MRI scan.”  EmergeOrtho of Wilson is primarily involved in Orthopaedic Care that involves the diagnosis and treatment of all musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. They specialize in fracture care, sports injuries, arthroscopy, joint replacement, spine surgery, chronic pain and rehabilitation, arthritis care, osteoporosis, sports medicine, and general non-operative musculoskeletal care.  They also offer Urgent Care, Neurology, Chronic Pain Management, Osteoporosis care, and physical therapy.  EmergeOrtho utilize MRI, Digital X-ray, Ultrasound, and Bone Density(DEXA) services as well.


WYSA continues to make positive strides to improve and grow our relationships with local businesses.  This partnership also helps to improve the care and experience we provide all the teams and athletes that come to Wilson to compete at the Explosion Cup. 


For more information on EmergeOrtho and their services click HERE.  Also, contact Dr. Robert Satterfield via email at with any questions you may have about the company.