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Wilson Youth Soccer Association

Team Manager Handbook

This link will open a PDF version of the WYSA Team Manager Handbook for 2014-2015. This document is provided for convenience of printing information contained on this web site.  This web site may have more recent information than the PDF handbook version.

This location serves as a source of information for Managers of WYSA teams.  Many of these processes are currently handled manually.  As the WYSA web site matures the processes become more automated.

    ‚Äč      Team Budget & Finances - Creating a budget, opening a checking account, fundraising, and charitable donations.         
          Scholarship Requests - Help players to submit requests for scholarships.
          Fees - Collection & Payment - WYSA fees and due dates. HELP INSURE TIMELY PAYMENT PLEASE!
          Player Required Forms - Participation Agreements and Medical Liability Waiver forms for each player
          Player Carding (Passes) - Every player must have a pass/card to play in a match.
          Player Personal Costs - These are cost per player that are not included in the budget for each team.
          Team Uniform Orders - This page explains the uniform order process.
          TEAM MANAGER NOTEBOOK - No Pass - No Play.  This notebook is a must have!
          Scheduling (Practices, Matches, Tournaments) - When will everything happen?
          Newspaper Articles (Match Reports) - How to get an article about your team in The Wilson Daily Times.
          NCYSA Insurance -  More about the insurance included with player NCYSA registration.
          What to do if? - Answers to other questions you may have.
          Resources/Links for Managers - Links to other web sites that you may find helpful.
          WYSA Contacts for Managers - WYSA contacts to assist Team Managers