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Welcome to Wilson Youth Soccer’s Classic Programs. Whether you are a current family in the club or someone who is seeking information about the club, we hope you will find the following information helpful.


WYSA has developed training priorities for all our age groups from the Academy to U18 age group.  The priorities are developed to be age appropriate for all the various age groups.  These training priorities will give you a BLUE PRINT to the development of players within the WYSA.  We are committed to the idea of PLAYER DEVELOPMENT at WYSA and that is the driving force behind what we want our players to accomplish during their time with the club.  You will see that within each age group there are characteristics that are associated with players in that group.  This helps us design programs that target that specific group of players.  The training priorities are then broken down into four categories: Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological.  We use these priorities to then direct our coaches on appropriate training session throughout the year thus making sure our players are getting the best training possible.  You will see that these training priorities build on each other and that some basic ideas and skills of the game remain consistent throughout all the age groups.

We hope that these Training Priorities will help you understand what we are all about at Wilson Youth Soccer and they may offer a glimpse into what goes into providing the best training environment we can for all our players.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Director of Coaching, Andy Truex at

U10 - U12 
u12 player development priorities.pdf

U13 - U14
u14 player development priorities.pdf

U15 - U16
u16 player development priorities.pdf

U17 - U18

u18 player development priorities.pdf